When it comes to services like home improvement, SEO can expand your business and attract new clients through Google search results. Through home improvement SEO efforts like keyword research, content optimization, internal linking, and more, this type of digital marketing can grow your visibility for local results, bringing in more conversions.

L&L Graphic Solutions has been in the SEO industry for over 25 years. We are dedicated to your digital marketing success, ensuring your pages and websites are fully optimized and found in Google. Home improvement SEO can be tricky to figure out, but if executed correctly, we convert your audience into clients.

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What Goes Into SEO

Home improvement SEO consists of many factors. Keyword analysis allows you insight into what potential customers are searching for to find your home improvement competitors. Backlinks boost credibility and build trust with your clients, showing you have done your research. You may catch the attention of even more potential customers by having informative, knowledgeable content that answers popular questions and concerns. This is also a great place where your home improvement company can optimize keywords, as you can expand this content into many different topics.

We are dedicated to bringing your success to new highs. There are some specific ways we can do this for your home improvement business. Below are the major components we focus on in our home improvement SEO services.

Ensure Google Can Crawl Your Website

Google acknowledges websites by discovering its page through what’s known as “crawling.” Before you can optimize anything on the site itself, it is important to check if Google is crawling your home improvement service pages, location pages, and any other content you are posting. If the crawl is ignoring them, these pages will not show up in search results at all. If your home improvement company website is new, this may be happening without your knowledge.

At L&L Graphic Solutions, we ensure that googlebots crawl and indexes your website. Once this is completed, we will look at keywords on individual pages and find opportunities for optimization. This optimization will push your pages higher up on Google search results.

Maximize Relevancy with Services and Topics

When it comes to optimizing your website, keywords are extremely important. For example, when a customer is looking for a specific type of home improvement, such as a kitchen renovation company, they will be using that in their search (ex: “kitchen renovation company price”). By optimizing the keywords “kitchen renovation” on your service pages and content posts, we can bring your ideal audience to your website.

With L&L, we optimize pages with your home improvement keywords in the following locations:

By being consistent in your content posts, you are also establishing your company’s voice and style. With this, you can connect with your audience and stand out from your competitors, allowing your home improvement service to be their pick. It is important as you grow to have this image being built, as it helps solidify your identity with your audience.

Increase the Authority of Your Website

Backlinking builds your website authority through other websites linking back to your pages. By having those references, Google realizes your home improvement website’s reliability, allowing you to rank higher than other websites with fewer backlinks.

While backlinks are beneficial for home improvement SEO, it is important to know which ones are helping and hurting your website ranking. Backlinks from websites that aren’t reputable or spam-like backlinks harm your website’s ability to rank. L&L is experienced enough to successfully identify which backlinks are helpful, maximizing your website’s potential and bringing in the most potential clients to you.

Our Home Improvement
SEO Services

Analytics & Reporting

When understanding your data, L&L’s SEO team is here to help. We use different analytics reports to improve and strengthen your home improvement SEO plan. These reports can highlight flaws and pinpoint weaknesses, allowing us to find ways to fix them and improve your visibility. Dynamic reports will also help you by showing modifications you can make to attract specific audiences based on factors such as location and age.

With these reports, we can keep you updated on key performance indicators (KPIs), like impressions and clicks. These KPIs indicate how effective your home improvement SEO strategy is performing. Know that SEO is often slow to show results, and it may take time to get your pages up into the first positions on Google, but we’ll keep you updated on progress.

Content Creation

From blog posts to videos, content is important for optimization opportunities. L&L’s dedicated SEO team of copywriters and graphic designers will create posts about home improvement services, material selection, and other topics based on what is getting traction through Google search analytics.

Some content our SEO agency works on for home improvement companies includes:

Local SEO

Local searches are incredibly popular when it comes to services such as home improvement companies. Some of the most popular searches on Google consist of the service followed by some variant of a location. Home improvement is also a service that isn’t likely to get conversions from far away, meaning there must be a local focus to your home improvement SEO and where you want your pages to appear.

Optimizing your location throughout your website, such as by building location pages, makes you more likely to appear in the local searches. L&L specializes in making these pages and optimizing your business to get the most impressions and customers possible.


With its extreme popularity, social media is essential for spreading the word about your jobs. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your visibility on your quality home improvement jobs and a chance to show off completed works. Sharing videos and photos of your company creates a connection between your audience and your work, working in your favor. Many places like Facebook allow your clients to comment reviews and praise, increasing credibility.

Link Management

Internal linking is an integral part of growing your home improvement website to its highest potential. When we link pages to other posts within your website, Google has an easier time indexing and crawling your entire website. If a page does not have any internal links, also known as an orphan page, it is likely Google may not index and recognize it. Without this index, your pages will not appear in the search results, missing the opportunity to create conversions.

Other Industries
We Serve

L&L serves other industries as well. Our SEO services include:


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