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With over 25 years of industry experience, L&L Graphic Solutions is an SEO agency in Itasca, IL. Though SEO is often perceived as nuanced and tricky to execute correctly, we simplify the process so you can focus on enhancing your business. In the meantime, we’ll use our insight and industry knowledge to make your company more visible in search results.

When you trust L&L Graphic Solutions with your SEO strategy, we collaborate with you to customize our full range of SEO services, including analytics and data, link management, content creation, and more. Plus, we keep you involved in every step of the process—from conception to execution—so we can answer your questions and make adjustments according to your goals for your business.

If you’re ready for your business to reach peak visibility online, call L&L Graphic Solutions today to learn more about our SEO services in Itasca, IL.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

Is SEO valuable? The evidence is in the name—search engine optimization (SEO).

It’s a simple concept. You won’t see much growth if your online presence isn’t optimized for search engine prominence. Potential customers won’t be able to find your website to see how incredible your services or products are, so they won’t know what they’re missing—and you’ll miss out on their business.

However, if you have focused, strategic SEO, your site will float higher in the search results, converting potential future customers into real and present customers. Plus, the more traffic your website receives, the higher it will rise in Google, resulting in a positive feedback loop of continuous growth.

What Goes Into SEO

Many factors go into SEO. Keyword analysis provides insight into search terms potential customers use to look for services and products like yours. Backlinks boost your credibility and build trust with the customer by showing you’ve done your research. Interesting content via blogs, infographics, videos, etc., catches potential customers’ attention and provides plenty of places to embed searchable keywords to push your content higher in the search results.

Here’s a breakdown of these factors and how they support a holistic SEO strategy.

Ensure Google Can Crawl Your Website

Before any SEO work can be done, it’s essential for us to ensure your website is getting crawled by Google. If it’s not, that means Google isn’t acknowledging it exists at all, and you won’t find it anywhere in search. This is often a common problem with new businesses as it’s easy to accidentally mark a website to be invisible to search results.

We ensure googlebots crawl your website, meaning it goes to each of your website pages and adds them to its index. Once it’s indexed them, it looks at keywords and relevancy and starts placing your pages in search results.

Maximize Relevancy with Services and Topics

For SEO, words are everything. Potential customers use specific words and phrases when searching for a product or service, called keywords. The search results show content containing these words, ranked by relevance. The more often keywords are used, the more relevant Google determines they are, and the higher they appear on the results page. The goal is to land in the top 10 results, as most people don’t look further for what they need.

We optimize your pages with the keyword in the following locations:

Each piece of content you produce should be consistent with your brand’s voice, style, and message. Consistency helps solidify your identity with your audience. 

Increase the Authority of Your Website

Backlinking is the practice of getting links from other reputable websites to demonstrate to Google that other sites view your content as valuable. By bolstering your authority with backlinks, google will see your content as more worthy to be seen and bump you up in search results.

While backlinking is important, not all backlinks are helpful. You’ll only want high-quality placements from reputable websites. Google knows when you’re getting spammy links that aren’t relevant to your business and won’t let this link affect your ranking position in their search results.

Our SEO Services

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a solid SEO strategy that consistently converts traffic to customers can take time. It involves selecting search words and phrases that are popular but not too competitive, ensuring you appear in search results without falling under the top 10.

If this process sounds complex and tricky, that’s because it is. That’s where L&L Graphic Solutions can help. We understand how to build effective SEO strategies, adjust them as needed to continuously grow site traffic, and pivot quickly and efficiently when best practices change.

Here are just a few of the services we provide when you trust us with your SEO:

Analytics & Reporting

Our SEO agency has an intrinsic understanding of the many facets of data analysis and are prepared to use that expertise to continuously improve and strengthen your SEO plan. Analytics and reporting reveal flaws in the strategy, allowing us to pinpoint and strengthen weak areas. Dynamic reports show how to modify SEO to attract specific audiences based on location, age, and many other factors.

We’ll also keep you updated on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as impressions and clicks to determine how effective the SEO strategy is performing. SEO is often a slow game and may take time to get your pages to the first spot in Google, but with these metrics, we’ll keep you updated on our continuous progress.

Content Creation

L&L’s copywriting, and graphic design teams create cohesive, brand-focused content and materials using carefully researched and selected keywords and backlinks. Just a few of the things we can create for you include:

Each piece of written content will share a consistent voice and style so your customers can easily pick you out of a crowd.

Local SEO

This service is perfect for businesses with an online presence and brick-and-mortar storefronts. Local SEO concentrates on search engine visibility for your local geographic area, drawing local customers to your website and physical location. Many businesses are indeed local, such as Botox or ice cream. No one is traveling across the country for either. If you aren’t optimizing for your location, you’ll never show up for the global Botox or ice cream search.

Our local SEO services also include optimizing you in Google My Business, giving you a place on the map. We’ll ensure when people are looking for a location nearby, you’ll be the first result they find.


Social media is the latest in word-of-mouth marketing. A robust social media campaign is one of the most effective strategies for increasing visibility and helping your business thrive. At L&L, our social media experts are well-versed in using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to augment your SEO strategy and drive social media users to your website or physical business.

Industries We Serve

Some of the most common industries we serve with our SEO services include:


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